Friday, March 04, 2005


Web Pages That Look Great In Print

After 10 percent trial and 90 percent error, I now have a Style Sheet for printing pages. To take a look at how it will print, go to this web page, then from the top of your browser click File --> Print Preview:

How to do it? ... Create another style sheet, then -- on the web page that will be printed -- add a link to this style sheet, underneath the original "media = screen" link.

When you print a web page, what happens to those hyperlinks hidden underneath the linked text? Most of the time those important URLs don't print. ... But they can. And they shall! ... When you use the better browsers (Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Netscape 7, and maybe Opera), those URLs will be printed, even though you don't see them when reading the web page. But for that URL printing to occur, the Web Designer needs to put a code into the printing style sheet. Here's da code snippet:

a:after {
content: " <" attr(href) "> ";

Thanks (for help designing this page) to the Web Design site, and the books CSS Cookbook, and Web Standards Solutions.

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