Friday, March 18, 2005


Home Page Design

This week I climbed oceans and swam mountains to design and code a home page.

Here's the best of many experiements:

One huge problem was Microsoft Internet Explorer: it failed to render the BR tag correctly.
All the subheading text (Resources for Humanizing Technology and a Sustainable World) should be text and not an image, and then it would center on the top. That works flawlessly with Firefox, or Opera -- browsers that are more Standards Compliant than IE. ... But Internet Explorer was taking all my BR tags, and adding a full space in between, as if the BR was P (paragarph).

Since 90% of the web-surfing masses use IE, I didn't think I could afford to show these large gaps at such a prominent location on my site.

A news story broke yesterday that stated that Microsoft's newest browser, IE 7.0, coming soon, will still be -- can you believe it? -- not Standards Compliant.

Next steps for Youthtopia: ... Make other site pages, and then try to get the Youthtopia Blog home page on Word Press ( to look like the Youthtopia site pages. ... Try.

"Man is so made that whenever anything fires his soul, impossibilites vanish."

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