Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Youthtopia Blog Created

Youthtopia Blog opens its virtual doors today.

The purpose of this Blog is to chronicle the development of the Youthtopia Website, and to track my learning about Web Standards, XHTML, and CSS. A smaller goal is to become a useful source of information about Web Standards, by posting my discoveries: books, websites, blogs, experiments and questions.

Comments are welcome.

Blog To do list:
--add a subtitle
-tweak various settings (such as: select Eastern Time)
--put in links to key sites about web standards
--Test the URL to the blog: http://www.youthtopia.net

Blogger lets you run a blog on their own web space, but gives you the option to use your own. I like the notion of using my own space: files won't be lost.

Here's how to set up Blogger to work on your own web space:
1. Log in to your Dashboard (this assumes that you've already been working with Blogger and have set up an account)
2. Click on the big button: Create A Blog
3. Fill in the Name of your Blog, and then click "Advanced Set up" (alternatively, at this stage, you can just name your blog and keep it on the Blogger's own space.)
Note: "Advanced Set up" really means: You'll be hosting the blog on your own space.
4. Now fill in the information asked, about the location of your blog
5. Select a Template
6. Voila! ... but here's something strange:

Question: Why didn't Blogger ask me for my FTP password and username (to my web space)? ... Without the password, how can it put the files onto my web space?

One day a sage shall rise to explain it ...

Solution to the problem that has baffled the sages:
When you first set up your blog, and click "Publish", you will be asked for the username and password of your web space. (the same info that you use to set up FTP, with a program such as WS-FTP).

In order to avoid being asked to do this every time you post, go to SETTINGS ... and then PUBLISH... and there you can add this information. ...

Be sure to remember to click the button "REPUBLISH YOUR BLOG" so that these settings take effect.
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