Saturday, February 12, 2005


Information Architecture In A Nutshell

In the 18th Century, a well-known author and bibliophile, with a collection of more than 2,000 books, organized his books by size. Sound strange? ... Had he lived a hundred years later, in Victorian England, he might have organized them by gender, since in that easy-to-shock era books by male and female authors were not permitted to touch each other on the shelves. Today, we try to organize in more sensible categories:
by Author
by Title
by Subject
by Genre
by Year of Publication
by Price
by Favorites (most popular)

The challenge about how to organize electronic information -- as opposed to tangible items such as books -- has created a new field of study known as Information Architecture. It involves developing strategies and systems for organizing the information, for labeling, and for designing ways to navigate and search the web site. The goal of it all is to help people to find the information they need.

Want to learn more? ... See the Information Architecture links added to our Resources Page (Look on the Navigation Bar on the Left, under the section, "Links").

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