Thursday, February 17, 2005


Do We Have Time To Think About Time?

The technological revolution promised us, above all other promises, one glorious benefit: more leisure time. But everyone I know, myself included, seems to enjoy less time than ever before.

Is technology -- and the massive amounts of information -- to blame? ...
Marx (Karl, not Groucho) thought so, when he wrote (in The Poverty of Philosophy) this critique of the capitalist rush to make a buck:

"Time is everything; man is nothing; he is no more than the carcass of time."

That was written in the 19th Century: 120 years later, how much busier we are!

So, you bloggers, website-makers, and information providers: keep in mind that you need to design your websites to save TIME for your readers and viewers.

How to do it? ... Coming in a future blog!

Ideas for now:

1. The way to be original is to be sincere. (Emerson)
2. Provide essential information.
3. No glitches: Make sure the links and the site's features work.
4. Keep things simple -- but not too simple.
5. Be available to answer questions from your readers/audience.
6. Keep a notebook of "future site improvements." ... You might not have time now to make the improvements, but take time to write down the ideas.

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