Saturday, February 19, 2005


CSS New Feature Needed

Wouldn't it be great to run your mouse cursor over a foreign expression -- such as the Italian:
"Presto e bene, non si conviene"
and see the English translation appear?

Of course JavaScript can do that, but JavaScript won't validate. You could do it with some CSS tags -- "title" or "abbr" -- but that will confuse anyone who reads the web page with a screen reader (such as JAWS), since those tags indicate that the text they refer to should be a book title or an abbreviation.

Translation is not the only benefit of my mythical tag. Suppose you would like to define a word -- something abstruse, recondite, or otherwise vague -- without making a hyperlink that jumps and interrupts the reader's train of thought?

Some kind of new tag is needed -- such as "info" ... which would let the web-page writer add any kind of comment to the tag.

Does this tag already exist? ...

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